The mind and its faculties. Using them wisely. Using them for healing

1) The dreaming mind faculty: Produces thoughts (words and/or images). These thoughts can be random (occur automatically or unintentionally) or they can be planned (occur intentionally). Random ones are never resisted, fought with, or an effort made to eliminate them. They are always acknowledged and accepted.  Not always 'agreed' with, but accepted.

2) the attention mind faculty. That part of our mind that is either:

a) fixed on a random or planned thought

b) fixed on what is 'presently' being seen, heard, tasted, felt, or smelled, at a particular moment in time

c) fixed on nothing (a rarity and usually only happens in those people who are engaged in a regular active contemplative prayer practice). 

99% of people don't use the additional three mind faculties below for their benefit. They are gifts of the Holy Spirit (John 16:13), when someone asks to be anointed with the Holy Spirit

3) the awareness mind faculty: that part of the mind that sees or notices what the DREAMING mind faculty is thinking about (i.e. words, images).

4) the assessment mind faculty: that part of the mind that assesses thoughts as being either true, or false, per scripture Truth. 


5) the will mind faculty: that part of the mind that is available to people to direct what they place their mind's ATTENTION on. 


By not using these 3rd, 4th, and 5th mind faculties, human beings often unconsciously / unknowingly maintain their ATTENTION on fearful, guilty, envious, angry, or other false/negative DREAMS.  By giving these DREAMS free-reign, and not gently confronting them with Truth, over time will result in a person experiencing dis-ease. 

NOTE: The DREAM and ATTENTION mind faculties are two separate distinct faculties. By using our WILL faculty, we have the ability to place our ATTENTION on whatever DREAMS we choose to place our ATTENTION on. It doesn't mean we try to resist or get rid of DREAMS. It means we can with our WILL, focus our ATTENTION on whatever DREAMS we choose to focus it on. 

So, this is where the healing begins for many people:








And here is another healing truth that has helped many people sleep better. Of course we are NOT to ASSESS dreams/thoughts for Truth while lying in bed during sleep time.  We'd be up all night. Therefore, ALL the dreams/thoughts that occur during this period, are 100% completely meaningless.  Pretty liberating. The thoughts that we experience during bed/sleep time, are totally irrelevant.


"Be patient with yourself, as you become more and more deeply aware that your thoughts don't define you "

Dr. Gail Brenner, from the book: Suffering is optional

How are we to seek healing from the ill-effects of conditioned negative dreams/ thoughts, that have had 'free-reign' in our minds, for much of our lives? It's by wisely using the various 'mind faculties' that are available to us

Dreams/thoughts of all types are normal. Why some people experience more intrusive/disturbing ones than others, is a mystery. But, fighting, resisting, or trying to eliminate intrusive, negative or uncomfortable ones, just makes them grow stronger.

When a person comes to the realization that the initial random, unplanned and automatic dreams (thoughts) that they experience, while totally normal and are to be acknowledged and accepted, are totally and completely 100% irrelevant and meaningless, until they are first assessed for Truth by their AWARENESS mind faculty.