The mind and its faculties

Using them as a friend

Using them for healing

1) The dreaming or imaginative mind faculty: Produces thoughts (words and/or images). These thoughts can be automatic (occur unintentionally or unconsciously) or they can be pre-planned (occur intentionally or consciously).

2) the attention faculty. That part of our mind that is either:

a) fixed on a thought or thoughts

b) not fixed on a thought, but is fixed on what is actually being seen, heard, tasted, touched, or smelled at a particular moment in time (present moment living)

c) fixed on nothing (a rarity and usually only happens in those people who are engaged in a regular active contemplative prayer practice). 

99% of people don't use the additional three 'Holy Spirit given' mind faculties below

3) the awareness faculty: that part of the mind that sees or notices what the dreaming/imaginative faculty of the mind is thinking about.

4) our assessment/reasoning faculty: that part of the mind (The Spirit of Truth - John 16:13), that assesses thoughts as being either true, or false, per scripture Truth. 


5) the will faculty: that part of the mind that is available to people to direct what they place their mind's attention faculty on. 


By not using these 3rd, 4th, and 5th mind faculties, human beings often unconsciously / unknowingly maintain the attention faculty of their mind on fearful, guilty, envious, angry, or other similar negative dreams.  Over time, this can and often results in a person experiencing physical or mental dis-ease. 


"Be patient with yourself, as you become more and more deeply aware that your thoughts don't define you "

Dr. Gail Brenner, from the book: Suffering is optional

How are we to seek healing from the ill-effects of conditioned negative dreams/ thoughts, that have had 'free-reign' in our minds, for much of our lives? It's by wisely using the various 'mind faculties' that are available to us

Thoughts of all types are normal. Why some people experience more intrusive ones than others, is a mystery. But, fighting, resisting, or trying to eliminate intrusive, negative or uncomfortable ones, just makes them grow stronger.