Per scripture, Christians are 'not their own'

Per scripture, we're not our own. What's the significance?

Many of us our familiar with this scripture passage above, taken from first Corinthians, chapter 6, verse 20. But, for a Christian, what is the real significance of this truth, that we are not our own, and that we 'have been purchased for a price'? Based on our experiences here at the Christian Healing Blog, here are some possible takeaways for one to contemplate on, which all co-incide with sacred scripture truth:

1) All things do work together for a believer's good, 2) we choose to give thanks in all circumstances, 3) God does provides for what he sees as our needs, 4) we can consciously choose not worry about life, our body, or tomorrow, 5) never will God leave or forsake us, and 6) we can choose faith, hope, and love, in 'all things' through God, who strengthens us.