TMJ - Tinnitus - Clenching Your Teeth

We are seeing more and more people complain about tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. There are several causes of Tinnitus, one being TMJ, or, temporomandibular joint disease. There are various causes of TMJ, one being the chronic clenching of one's teeth during the night time. Clenching of the teeth can place undue pressure on the TMJ, leading to symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo, sinus pain and pressure, and tinnitus. With so much of our time spent in front of electronic devices, tension builds in our bodies. This tension strives to find a way of releasing itself, and this often occurs when we are sleeping . . . . . the clenching of our teeth. We at HIM's, can't help stress enough the importance of engaging in breathing and/or relaxation exercises daily, especially before going to bed. We've seen people experience relief from their TMJ and Tinnitus by engaging in progressive body relaxation exercises and the wearing a mouth guard at night, that takes pressure off the TMJ joint. We recommend the body relaxation meditation audio from Dr. Gail Brenner.