Automatic, random, involuntary thoughts. Why they are initially, meaningless and irrelevant.

How healing and liberating it was to discover, that since scripture says I'm to hold intense intrusive thoughts captive for truth (1Corinthians10:5), I could ascertain two things: 1) It's totally and completely normal to experience these types of automatic, unplanned, involuntary, unintentional thoughts. 2) I/ME/JOHN, my real and true IDENTITY, is NOT these automatic thoughts that just 'pop up' in the mind without my initiating them, or the feelings they sometimes produce. It's the being who sees the thoughts and assesses (holds them captive) them for Truth. Therefore, automatic thoughts are, at least initially, 100% meaningless. As the song from the music group 10th Avenue North says: "this where the healing begins".

John Patrick, Author and Gerontologist