Fear and Christians

Rev. Thomas Keating, from his book: “Divine Therapy and Addiction" (pgs. 84-85)

"Fear then as an emotion, IS NOT US. When we say, “I’m afraid,” this is NOT true. We should say, “I have feelings of fear”. Once this distinction gets clear in your mind, you realize that feelings CAN change. The REAL you, is the great “I am”, the center of your being. We don’t identify with evil inclinations by carrying them out. We realize we have feelings, but we are NOT (always) our feelings (ex. unhealthy temptations, envy, anger, vengeance), and hence God can change them once we become willing. One of the things that is very helpful in the process of healing the unconscious, is to see that we don't (always) identify with our thoughts or feelings, or our bodies for that matter. We have bodies. We have feelings. We have thoughts. But if we know we're not (always) them, and don’t always identify with them (false ones such as guilt, worry, hate, etc.), we can change them".


Rev. Keating's revelations, often mark the beginning of the healing journey for many, who've un-consciouosly allowed involuntary 'old-false' self thinking (ex. worry, guilt, envy, hate), to have 'free-reign' (not be g-e-n-t-l-y confronted with the Truth - God's Word), which can contribute to 'dis-ease'.