Thinking pure thoughts

God's Word tells us that we are to 'be transformed by the renewal of our minds'.  Scripture tells us that one thing we can do, to fulfill this command, is to use our 'conscious-will' self to actively 'think about' true, right, lovely, and pure things (Philippians 4:8). This can be accomplished by choosing/deciding to engage in, regardless of what thoughts and/or feelings the 'old self' might happen to throw our way at the time: Christian prayer, music, Cmeditation, worship, movies, fellowship, radio, or reading. Like anything, in moderation, so it doesn't become or feel like just another anxious burden or obligation, which can lead to stress. We choose to be gentle on ourselves. As we've learned, thoughts and feelings are both 100% normal, and 100% meaningless, until we make the conscious effort to assess them for truthfulness, per God's Word, and G-E-N-T-LY and J-O-Y-F-U-L-L-Y refute the 'normal/common' false ones, with Truth (God's Word).