Healing truth: it's normal to experience an increase in temptations, as one grows spiritually

It's not uncommon for individuals to bring suffering upon themselves, thinking that if they were just 'more holy', or, 'more spiritual', that certainly thoughts and feelings of fear, envy, jealousy, anger, temptation, etc,. would disappear. Little did they know that thoughts and feelings like these, are completely normal and necessary, during one's spiritual journey and desire for spiritual growth, as Vatican Radio states below:

Pope Francis said that whenever we try to approach God, the unclean spirits try to prevent us from doing so, and “wage a war against us.” Those, he said, who feel they are very Catholic and never have temptations, must pray because they are on the wrong path. “A Christian life without temptations is not Christian, he said: it is ideological, it is Gnostic, but it is not Christian”. When the Father draws people to Jesus, Pope Francis explained, there is an opposite force that causes conflict. “That’s why St Paul speaks of Christian life as a struggle: a daily struggle".