Healing truth: surrendering . . . . making a conscious decision to TRUST in God's faithfulness

From Christian Healing Blog friend and volunteer contributor Pamela, from FL

"I couldn't believe it. All summer long, I've watched my cactus struggle. It looked droopy all the time and didn't seem to be growing. The leaves would burn from the hot sun. I did everything to help it grow. But by the end of the summer, my thought was that it was ready to be thrown out. So imagine my surprise, when my husband Billy, brought it into the house one morning. How could something slated to be thrown out take on such beauty? All of my trying had not brought it back. Perhaps our lives look like that cactus...ready for the trash heap...burned and scarred by the effects of sin. We become discouraged - ready to give up. BUT GOD. Could this be where he wants us? After doing all we can to clean ourselves up, we finally throw our hands-up in surrender. I say yes . . . . . it's right where He wants us. Imperceptibly and often without our notice, God begins to re-make us on the inside. Flowers of love, peace and joy begin to bloom in our lives. He wants to work a miracle of restoration in us. And He wants us to know that only He can do it! It took a cactus to remind me again of God's faithfulness. Thank you Christmas Cactus!