Being careful and cautious, of the possible influence, of people in our inner circles

From Angela, Christian Healing Blog volunteer contributor and friend, from NC.

On a recovery journey, it's not uncommon to find that yourself momentarily sidetracked by people, places and things that were a part of your pre-recovery life. Today we will look at PEOPLE.

Who are the people who cause you to experience pain, frustration, anger, shame, depression? Maybe they are people who place unreasonable or unrealistic demands on you. Or their negative attitude quickly saps your energy. They may be physically or verbally abusive, leaving you always on the defensive to protect yourself. Perhaps they cruelly use humor to hurt you. Or their own addiction dominates your time together. They may even twist Scripture to shame you. These people could be immediate or extended family, co-workers or bosses, church leaders, friends, or significant others.

Let your feelings act as the warning lights on the dashboard of your car, alerting you to take action to avoid damage. Pray as you proceed:

"Thank you God for helping me see how being around this person is not healthy for me right now. Give me the courage to create the necessary emotional or physical distance from them and the wisdom to know the best time and way to do so. Let your presence bring peace in my heart and mind as I continue down the road to my most authentic self".