God's Word heals

From Christian Healing Blog volunteer contributor and friend, Grace Gayle from Canada, founder of Healing Our Brokenness Ministries

It’s hard to live in a broken world, without eventually being marred by brokenness on a personal level. All of us to a greater or lesser degree, carry around emotional wounds in varying stages of healing. We are the sum total of all our experiences.  Emotional wounds can affect our behaviors: truth can become a deception, love can turn into co-dependency, passion can become an obsession, working hard can lead one to become a workalcoholic, a strong leader can become controlling, rest can turn into laziness, and striving for excellence can turn into perfectionism.  They can affect our relationships: we can end up marrying a person who is equally as wounded as we or bring them into a marriage as excess/undealt with baggage.  They can affect our relationship with God: leading to feelings that God has abandoned us or make it more difficult for us to sense God’s love for us as unique persons.  If we don’t have a healthy view of who God is, it’s difficult to have a healthy perception of our being true children of God.  We can often limp from crisis to crisis, wondering if God truly is good, and if He really does care.  We ask our Heavenly Father to show us the source of our painful emotions and destructive behaviours.  The process of change involves teamwork. We commit ourself to doing the work that healing requires. We meditate daily on scriptures of God’s love, with our name inserted, which enables these truths to move from our head into our emotional levels. Our Heavenly Father then uses His Word to make the changes from the inside out. The more we meditate on God’s love for us, the deeper our healing will be.

He sent forth His Word and healed them;

He rescued them from the grave. Psalms 107:20 (NIV)