Healing truth: God's Word is ready and available . . mighty to save

At the Christian Healing Blog, we've come to learn, that it's totally common and completely normal, to experience an (un-healthy) fearful, guilty, angry, or despairing thought, feeling, or emotion, that's initiated by the 'old man-false-egoic' self, which is NOT a Christian's real identity. This is actually quite comforting . . . we no longer have to beat ourselves up anymore for experiencing them. Knowing it's not the real ME, we no longer worry or fret about them when they occur. They're really no big deal, and something everyone will experience, as long as they live in their 'earthly tent'. Our 'conscious will' self now responds to these thoughts/feelings, by saying: "Why thank you 'old man' self. This lie of yours, is actually helping me draw closer to God, and to learn scripture truth even better . . . . . which is setting me FREE". Not arguing with the 'lies', and actually welcoming them, will lead to a decrease their intensity, as well as their frequency. We have discovered though, that at times, they can happen so quickly, that it will make one feel like their 'conscious will' self can't even think straight. So, we discovered the importance of having an 'active prayer sentence' (the belt of truth), right at one's fingertips. For we've learned that if a person doesn't immediately gently confront an 'old man-false' self lie, and allows it to continue on un-confronted, and with free reign, in time it will have a negative impact their overall health & well-being. So, here is an 'active prayer sentence' that we've found to be very helpful to use during the day. It's actually based on six different biblical truths.

"Indwelling God, just another normal un-healthy ___________ (fearful, angry, despairing, guilty, envious) thought/feeling, instigated by the 'old man/false' self, which isn't the real 'ME'. Since I don't worry about my life, body, or tomorrow, and I'm Yours, . . . . it's Yours!

At night time, it's short and simple: "Jesus, since I'm yours, it's Yours".