Healing truth: God provides . . . . (philippians4:19)

From an anonymous Christian Healing Blog volunteer contributor:

For me, the truth that God shall supply all my needs according to His glorious riches, is one of the most difficult truths to renew my mind with. The remnant of my 'old man-false' self (which is not my real me or real identity, and I'm slowly dying to it a little more each day), regularly initiated fearful/worrisome thoughts (lies), that my present or future needs would not be met. For several months, I allowed these thoughts/lies to continue on, failing to gently confront them with this scripture Truth above. This led to an increase in anxiety, which then led to depression, which then led to a whole host of medical problems. When I first began gently refuting & confronting false/lying thoughts, with this Truth, my body wasn't a happy camper about it. It experienced rather intense emotions & physical symptoms. I guess I was experiencing 'withdrawal symptoms'. I had started challenging an un-healthy behavior. For me, my un-healthy behavior was allowing my thoughts to just have 'free reign', as William Kendall once said. In essence, I was automatically/unconsciously agreeing with, or believing, certain thoughts to be true. I wasn't holding them captive for truthfullness, as scripture said I needed to do for renewal.