God is our refuge, directing our paths

From Angela, Christian Healing Blog volunteer contributor and friend, from NC.

A journey is not always a straight path. You may find yourself occasionally sidetracked by people, places and things that were a part of your past life. Today we will look at PLACES.  A place may be a literal, physical locale – someone's home, a store, a church, a movie theater.

A place might be virtual – a website, social media, message board, online shopping/store. Or a place could be relational – for example, when you step into the middle of other peoples' issues and try to help, when you get drawn into gossip and criticism, when you go-along with someone else's plans. This could be anywhere that you could encounter someone or something that is not healthy for you or your spiritual walk, that makes you say, “I cannot believe I've found myself here again!

Be gentle with yourself when you find yourself in such a place, and pray as you go:

"Thank you God for showing me that being in this place is not your will for me. Give me the courage to leave and grant me peace as I do. Remove any desire to be here again and replace it with something far better and more satisfying than I can even imagine".