Greater 'IS' the One who lives inside me

From Jeff Bassett, Gerontologist and founder of the Christian Healing Blog:

One thing we've learned here at the Christian Healing Blog, is that even after one has chosen to believe in God's Word, it's totally and completely normal, for the 'old-man/false/egoic' self (Ephesians4:22), to still conjure-up false/lying thoughts/feelings such as: guilt, jealousy, anger, fear, despair, worry, etc.  As we quoted Joel Osteen back in our 12-4-16 blog post, healing (t-r-a-n-s-f-o-r-m-a-t-i-o-n), doesn't happen automatically. Therefore, we choose not to beat ourselves up when these types of thoughts/feelings occur, because, we know they don't originate from our 'new-man/true/spirit' self, which is our REAL IDENTITY.  However, we have seen that if these types of lies have 'free reign', without our active/conscious/gentle effort of 'confronting them with the Truth', they can get have a negative impact on one's health & well-being. There's one scripture truth in particular, that one can turn to, when they feel discouraged, because of the continual 'popping up' of lies & untruths from the 'old-man' self. It comes from 1John4:4: "Greater is the God that lives within us, than the evil one that lives within the world. (1John4:4).  A very comforting, liberating, healing truth.