God cares about 'all' things

(from Angela, Christian Healing Blog friend and volunteer contributor from North Carolina)

God cares about all things.

"As I lay in bed, listening to the ceiling fan, I had to confess that I had not been asking God for much these days. Yes, there were things on my mind – things that I need His help with – but they seem so small when viewed through the daily lens of social media and internet news. There are friends and neighbors deep in grief over sudden, untimely losses, and people going through illnesses and difficult treatments. We have friends traveling through a terrorist-rocked region, and family in a country that chose to change course recently, increasing their anxiety. By comparison, my needs seem inconsequential: business has been down, my daughter needs a job to stay in the country she loves, and I’d found a stray kitten that we knew we couldn’t keep. How could I be so selfish as to ask God for help with such small things when the world is flooded with misery and overwhelming needs? Then I remembered that Jesus asked, what father would give his child a rock when he asks for bread, or a snake when he asks for a fish? How much more will your Father in Heaven give good to those who ask. Sparrows are sold two for a penny, but not one of them is forgotten by God. We are to approach the throne of grace with confidence to receive mercy and grace to help in our time of need. Grace, his unmerited favor. So, I asked God for help with my little needs. The next morning, I received a message from my sister, “I have someone who wants the kitten.” An email, a phone call and a few hours later the kitten was in the loving arms of a joyful little girl who was marveling at how beautiful and tiny he was. The smallest of my prayer requests was taken care of, just like that. And if God cares enough to meet the tiniest need, should I not also ask for and trust Him to handle the larger ones"?