Emotions, feelings, and Christians

From Angela, Christian Healing Blog volunteer contributor and friend, from NC.

"On a recovery journey, it's not uncommon to find yourself pulled off course by people, places and things that were a part of your previous life habits. Today we will look at THINGS. It can be easy and familiar to use things to console yourself, deadening emotions and numbing the pain you are experiencing. What kinds of things? Food, shopping, alcohol, drugs, social media, gambling, sex, television, pornography, sports, exercise? Many of these things are not inherently bad, but when used as a means of stuffing emotions and distracting you from your journey, they become unhealthy. They can cause you to feel shame and to hide from others and God; they may place you in dangerous situations; these things can delay dealing with the underlying emotions and prolong the recovery journey. Watch for signs that you are using things to temporarily feel better and then pray:

Thank you God for gifting me with emotions and feelings. Give me the courage to feel them fully – even if they seem negative or are uncomfortable – knowing you are with me through it all. Help me to be patient with myself as I learn to sit with my emotions, rather than deadening them".