Cortisol hormone and health

This week, we wanted to share with you the importance of striving to maintain healthy cortisol (stress hormone) levels in our body.  As the chart on our Blog post shows, chronic/prolonged high cortisol levels, can cause some unhealthy conditions in our bodies.  So, based on our research and experiences here at the Christian Healing Blog, we wanted to recommend Dr. Josh Axe's tips, on ways to reduce cortisol levels naturally: 1) switch to a whole foods / anti-inflammatory diet, 2) reduce and manage stress, 3) exercise regularly, 4) use adaptogen herbs and super foods, 5) try essential oils to promote relaxation, and 6) get adequate sleep. We'd like to add a 7th and 8th: turn off all electronic devices 2, preferably 3, hours before bedtime.  And 8, if at all possible, go to bed when you 'feel' tired.  Pushing oneself beyond the tiredness point, increases the production of cortisol. For a link to these tips, as well as further explanation on each one, click on the link below. Have a blessed week and remember, regardless of your thoughts and feelings, make a conscious decision to be gentle on yourself.  As St. Teresa said, "we are perfect in our imperfections".

Link to Dr. Axe article