Healing truth: Cognitive (Christian) behavioral therapy (CCBT) brings healing

Aaron Beck, a psychiatrist from the University of Pennsylvania, is considered as one of the founders of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the 1960's. He mapped out the thought processes characteristic of depressed patients, and trained his patients to: 1) 'CATCH' and identify the thought 'before' the emotion (ex. 'What if?', 'I should of'), 2) 'CHECK' the thought to see how accurate/useful it is, (similar to scripture's command to 'hold our thought captive, to ensure it's consistent with God's word'), (ex. 'What if?' & 'I should of', are thoughts that in most cases, are not accurate/useful). 'CHANGE' the thought to a more accurate one as needed (ex. "The truth is, God IS causing ALL things to work together for my good". Romans 8:28). So, one could say, that it was the Apostle Paul, in the year 0020 A.D, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, founded Cognitive (Christian) Therapy, which has brought healing & restoration to thousands of people since then.