Christians and negative thoughts

What about negative thoughts? Here is one of the most beneficial, and beautiful truths, about being a Christian believer: initial thoughts and feelings are both totally normal, and, totally meaningless, until our 'conscious-will self' uses God's Word to assess them for truthfulness. Just this fact alone, often begins the healing process for many. We don't argue with them, try to eliminate them, or beat ourselves up for experiencing them. We simply G-E-N-T-L-Y acknowledge them, accept them, and confront negative ones gently with God's truth. For example, we experience or notice a common 'What If' worry. Rather than simply allowing it to continue on and ruminate, the Christian's 'conscious-will' self simply & gently responds with the truth: "I don't worry about my life, body, or tomorrow". In time, this 'being transformed by the renewal of our mind', will lessen the frequency and intensity of negative thoughts and feelings conjured up by our 'old man' self (Romans 6:6). What joy it is. When in bed at night, we take a break from the 'assessment' process. Our approach is, they're ALL meaningless. We don't believe any thought, plan, etc. We'll assess them tomorrow, to see if they are 'old man/false self driven, or, 'new man/true/Spirit self driven. A refreshing break.