The truth will set you free, and being still with God

The Christian Healing Blog learned about W.D. Kendall's 1951, 75 page book, 'Perfect Freedom', where Kendall had struggled with paralyzing fear and panic, and eventually found freedom from it. The Christian Healing Blog did an internet search, to see if we could obtain a copy of the book. We found one used copy in England, and had it shipped to us here the U.S.  Here is one paragraph taken from his book:

"I made the mistake thinking I could reach heaven by building an edifice of knowledge through intellectual activity. In each new book, we hope to find the answer to all our questions, that will lift us up out of our troubles forever, with no further effort on our part. Yet, the most that one man can do for another in spoken or written word, is to point the way, to exhort and encourage. It's not until we:

1) learn to still the never-ending arguments of our wrong thinking, and 2) with open minds, come to "commune alone with Spirit", do the flood gates open, and infinite Love becomes operative, and our lives are gradually transformed into the likeness of God's sons"

Kendall's two statements above, happen to mirror two of the beliefs of the Christian Healing Blog, as far as what role Christians are to take/engage in, in order to help facilitate transformation, restoration, and healing.