A Christian's real home.

A Christian's Real Home.

It's totally normal to experience feelings of being overwhelmed by our present responsibilities and circumstances, that are conjured up by our 'old self/old man' identity. Totally normal. So, we are gentle on ourselves. Knowing the Truth that we are living in a temporary earthly tent (2Corinthians5:1), can help us focus on the incredible infinite glory and joy, that we will one day experience.(1Corinthians2:9) It's not that we choose to believe feelings of despising life, and wanting to end it prematurely. Even the greatest Apostle of Jesus that ever lived, Paul, experienced these feelings. But, like Paul, a believer knows and relies on the Truth. We KNOW with blessed assurance, that in each and every moment, God is present and active within us. . . . . . doing within us just exactly what he wants to do, for HE has sent the precious Holy Spirit to live within and 'help' us, now and for all eternity.