Christians and negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions. How to manage.

What can Christians do, when they feel plagued by negative or painful thoughts, feelings, or emotions, that just seem to unintentionally surface, or, pop-up out of no where (ex. fear-worry-guilt-anger)? Since scripture says we're to 'hold our thoughts captive for truthfulness per the Word of God', one can ascertain then that 'involuntary / unconsciously' initiated negative thoughts and/or feelings, are both 100% totally normal, and, 100% totally meaningless. We acknowledge and ACCEPT them. They're totally normal! We don't fight with them, argue with them, or try to eliminate them. So, we choose to be gentle on ourselves! But, they're also totally meaningless, 'until' our 'conscious-awareness and will' self, makes a 'conscious' effort to assess them as being truthful or not, per God's Word. This is LIBERATION at its finest! In actuality, the large majority of our thoughts are NOT useful. Many folks joyfully begin their healing, transformation, and renewal process, when they learn this truth.


"You don't have to believe the content of your thoughts"

Dr. Gayle Brenner, Clinical Psychologist