Christians with advanced mental illness and or despair

From an anonymous Christian Healing blog author:

"When I was very deep in depression in my 40's, even to the point of despising life, the last thing I wanted to hear from people, were things such as: 'you need to read this book', 'you need to have more faith' or 'you need to go to this or that church'. I know people meant well, but, when you're at the bottom of the pit and feel sick all over, looking back, I would say the best thing someone could have said to me at that time would have been: "I love you unconditionally, God loves you unconditionally, and we'll never leave you."

These words are similar to the writings and teachings of the Rev. Thomas Keating, who once said, "not having the certitude of union with God, gives rise to an intimate sense of incompleteness, dividedness, isolation, and guilt.

Likewise, the first and most important gift that we can give to another, is not words or actions, but simply our 'presence'.