Christian Mental Health Lifestyle Tips, from John Patrick

15 Ideas for optimal Christian Mental Health, by Healing Ministries Info Founder, Gerontologist, and Author John Patrick:

1. Christian Counseling 2. Medication 3. Listen to a progressive muscle relaxation audio twice a day. 4. Holding firm to the truth that 'WE' are NOT the random, involuntary, unintentional thoughts that occur in the brain. 'WE' are the one who see and assess them for Truth (key to setting one free). So, they are totally meaningless and irrelevant. 5. Take a highly absorbable form of magnesium. 6. See one's primary Physician regularly. 7. Gently practice moving our mind's ATTENTION, from thought 'content', to the present moment (what is actually seen, heard, touched, etc.). 8. Practice welcoming & befriending fear, when it flares up (causes body sensations) 9. Minimize caffeine, foods with added sugar, and alcohol) 10. Do 'Centering Prayer' twice a day 11. Unless its absolutely necessary, no screen time at least 2, but preferably 3, hours before bed time. (Key action) 12. Consider a diet or food plan for adrenal fatigue or adrenal health. 13. Sleep. Develop healthy sleep habits as much as possible. 14. Light to moderate exercise, to avoid excess cortisol production.