John Patrick's new book on Christian Mental Health. For Christians experiencing anxiety & depression

An excerpt from Healing Info Ministries founder and Gerontologist John Patrick's new book - Christian Mental Health: From the Pit of Fear and Darkness, to Love and Light. Especially written for Christians experiencing anxiety and/or depression. Now available for purchase on softcover or e-book on Amazon or through WestBow Press.

I frequently experienced thoughts such as: I'll never get better, God has abandoned me, or the power of 'the flesh' can't be broken. But I took heed in these encouraging words below taken from the book The Cloud of the Unknowing: Have no fear of the evil one, for he will not dare come near you. Be he ever so cunning, he is powerless to violate the inner sanctuary of your will, although he will sometimes attempt it by indirect means. Even an angel cannot touch your will directly. God alone may enter here.