John Patrick's new book on Christian Mental Health. For Christians experiencing anxiety & depression

An excerpt from Healing Info Ministries founder and Gerontologist John Patrick's new book - Christian Mental Health: From the Pit of Fear and Darkness, to Love and Light. Especially written for Christians experiencing anxiety and/or depression. Now available for purchase on softcover or e-book on Amazon or through WestBow Press.

Romans 8:5 implies that 'thoughts' and the 'mind' are two totally separate and distinct entities. Remember this life-changing and healing truth. We seldom use our God given 'mind self'. Therefore, it often ends up unconsciously setting its attention on thoughts of the flesh (i.e. fear, anger, guilt, envy). But, we can use the power of our God given 'mind self', and consciously choose to sets its attention on thoughts of the Spirit (i.e Truth, faith, hope, love). This is when the healing begins.