Christian Contentment and Peace

If you're like most people, the thought of 'being content' whatever the circumstance', sounds quite appealing? So, how does one learn to be content whatever the circumstance? It's the opinion of Christian Healing Blog volunteers, from study and experience, that it all comes down to a personal 'faith' decision, regardless of the 'normal' thoughts and feelings one might experience from the remnants of their old man/false self, that God's will is mysteriously being done. A surrendering of one's life to God, who is our being, who owns us, and who knows what's best for us from an eternal perspective. Sacred scripture tells us that our finite minds will never fully understand God's ways. While this might appear disheartening, in a way, it's also liberating. We no longer have to work ourselves tiredly, in trying to figure out and understand why things have, are, or will happen the way they do. Gently and consciously persevering in the belief that God's will is being done, will in time, transform those negative and doubtful neurons in our brain. After all, when we pray the 'Our Father' prayer, and say "thy will be done", of course this is joyfully heard and answered.