Christian Centering Prayer - an activity for people seeking restoration from anxiety and depression

Christian Centering Prayer - a non-denominational spiritual activity for any person seeking mental health and/or spiritual healing from anxiety and depression. We've seen every person receive and experience some healing and restoration from mental and spiritual health strongholds, by engaging in, and persevering in, Christian Centering Prayer. Twice a day, for at least 20 minutes. It's practiced by individuals of all denominations. It WILL, not maybe, in time, enable a person to: have more energy, experience a calmer mind, feel closer to God, and develop a calmer nervous system. A tool is here. It just depends on how bad someone wants to experience these four benefits above. We recommend that people watch the full video 31 minute video twice a day for the first few months, until they learn the method and practice. Then, they can use their smart phone to set a 20 minute timer for future centering prayer sessions.