Healing Truth: we can choose our own attitude, and praise, even when it hurts

From an anonymous Christian Healing Blog volunteer contributor:

"I used to think that I am what I think. But, I've learned that that's just not entirely true. I 'can' choose my attitude/belief, regardless of what thought enters my conscious awareness. This was especially hard for me at first, but, it's getting easier. I fell into the habit of automatically believing and reacting to the first thing that entered my mind. It still takes effort to live in 'conscious awareness', but, things are so much better now. I now know why scripture tells me to 'hold my thoughts captive' . . . . to ascertain if they are true or not, and then think, speak, and act accordingly based on what God's Word says about them. For example, now when I experience a worrisome thought about the future, which is a totally normal thought, and I've learned not to believe guilty thoughts/feelings for 'thinking things', rather than do nothing and give it free reign, I now gently reply : "The truth is, God is causing all things to work together for my good". (Romans 8:28). I've learned to be much more gentle on myself, knowing that to 'be transformed by the renewal of my mind', really is a 'life-long' journey.