Centering and contemplative prayer

Be still and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10)

Centering Prayer and Contemplative Prayer.  What is it?  Below, we’ve included a link to a YouTube video from Mary Dwyer, from the Contemplative Outreach organization. Mary explains the early Christian Church practice of Christian contemplative prayer. It is a similar form of prayer to what St. Theresa and St. Francis de Sales talk about, as being 'the prayer of quiet', whose fruits are: interior peace, profound humility, aptitude and a disposition for spiritual duties, a heavenly light in the intellect, and stability of the will in goodness. All sound very healing, right?  We encourage you to pray about taking the 30 day centering prayer challenge, and let us know about your experience.  The book that best describes what centering/contemplative prayer is all about, is called : Open Mind, Open Heart, by Rev. Thomas Keating. Participating in a centering prayer group, is another great idea to see if God may be calling you. You can find a list of groups on the Contemplative Outreach website. Have a great week, and remember what St. Teresa said, we are perfect in our imperfections.

Mary Dwyer video on Centering & Contemplative prayer: