Taking the Bible literally

Taking the Bible literally

Ought readers of the Bible take it literally? It's our experience here at the Christian Healing Blog., that for most readers, it's probably not the best idea, unless one is a very highly trained biblical scholar. We've seen how taking the bible literally, can lead a person towards unhealthy beliefs systems that have a negative impact on their mental, physical, or spiritual health. For example, the scripture phrase: 'Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect'. Some may interpret this as a Christian should be 100% perfect in their thoughts, words, and deeds, which can lead to excessive guilt, hopelessness and despair. Here's a link to an article that may provide some guidance. That being said, it's our healing ministry experience, that Bible readers ought to always keep the following Biblical themes in mind, when reading sacred scripture.

1) There is nothing that can ever separate one from God's love.

2) There's nothing one can ever do, to earn the eternal life of their Soul.

3) Every person is equal in God's eyes.

4) Our finite minds will never be able to intellectually comprehend why things have, are, or will happen the way they do.

5) While thoughts are 100% normal, they're also 100% meaningless, until one first examines or assesses them for truthfulness, based on the Word of God.

8) Restoration (healing) WILL happen, in God's way and in God's timing, to every believer who make a conscious decision to trust in the Words written in 1Peter5:10-11.