Healing truth: spending time in silence and solitude, facilitates healing

A quote from the Rev. Thomas Keating, founder of the Contemplative Outreach, on happiness.

"What prevents us from finding happiness? It's a lack of the sense of the presence of God. We feel alienated from God, so the world is a frightening place. If we had the sense of union with God, we'd not be afraid. But since we do not, we feel alone".

Centering Prayer is one tool Christian believers can use, to help them experience a sense of 'oneness' and 'union' with God. Above, is a short YouTube video on the benefits of Christian Centering/Contemplative Prayer. The Christian Healing Blog has seen how this form of prayer, can have many healing benefits, for believers who persevere in the practice. Rev. Maria Gullo, has created an excellent Centering Prayer video on the 'Insight Timer' mediation app., that you can follow/use with your CP practice. Excellent for beginners.