John Patricks new book, Christian Mental Health: From The Pit of Fear and Darkness to Love and Light

An excerpt from Healing Info Ministries founder, and Gerontologist, John Patrick's new book - Christian Mental Health: From the Pit of Fear and Darkness, to Love and Light. A true story about a Christian's believer's experience with anxiety and depression. Now available for purchase on softcover or e-book on


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"Like the PsaImist, I experienced God's redemption from the pit of fear and darkness, after reading 2Corinthians10:5 one day. It taught me that random / involuntary thoughts, no matter what their content, were both 100% normal and natural, and 100% meaningless and irrelevant. Why? Since scripture said I'm to hold thoughts captive for truthfullness, this meant that 'I/ME' was not the one who produced fearful thoughts. I/ME was the 'conscious mind self' (CMS) who: 1) was aware of, saw, noticed them, 2) assessed them for truthfulness per God's Word, and 3) set CMS 'attention' on the Truth. The fighting with, denying, trying to change, or worrying about fearful thinking stopped. I, CMS, began welcoming them and became comfortable with their presence. The Truth was setting me free.

~ John Patrick, Christian Mental Health Author