"Peace is that tranquility of the

heart, which derives from the all

prevailing consciousness, that our

times are in God's hands"

William Barclay,

Author, Minister, Professor, TV personality

Seeking healing from the negative effects of fear as a Christian or non-Christian? Experiencing another intense/upsetting emotion such as guilt, envy, or anger?

Experiencing bodily sensations with these emotions?

Well, you're not alone. Yes, every human being that has ever lived, even every Pope and Billy Graham, has experienced intense emotions such as fear. It's important that we have the tools necessary to deal with these emotions in a healthy fashion and manner when they occur, so they don't become strongholds. We here at Healing Info Ministries highly recommend the teachings of Dr. Gail Brenner.

From Dr. Gail Brenner, as to what one can do when they experience an intense, strong, fearful emotion or presence

If you listen to this video at least once a day, and preferably twice if you are feeling overwhelmed by fear, and practice the concepts and teachings presented here by Dr. Brenner, you WILL master fear and all its consequences in time


A video on the 'Welcoming Prayer Practice', a practice that is proven and effective in handling intense or upsetting emotions







If you struggle with how to manage and handle fear, or other emotions on a regular basis, we highly recommend Dr. Brenner's resources on her website  https://gailbrenner.com/archives/?showall=1

What to do in the moment, when a fearful or other intense/unhealthy emotion flares up

(phone screen shots or page bookmarks of the below recommended,

so you can refer to in time of need)

Breathe: take 3 long deep breaths to begin calming the central nervous system

Say the brief prayer of the Psalmist: "Lord, come to my assistance. Lord, make haste to help me."


Acknowledge the fear: "I acknowledge fear is present now." (SMILE)


Welcome / Accept the fear: "Welcome fear. HELLLLO! I know you're just a regular, typical, normal dream that everyone experiences at one point or another. You're not 'ME'. As scripture says, you're just part of the remnants of the 'old man/flesh self' and not the REAL ME . . . .  'new man/Christ self' identity. 

G-E-N-T-L-Y proclaim Truth: "The Truth is, I, 'new man/Christ self', don't worry about my life, my body or tomorrow" (smile)

 Give/release the fear/care to God:  "Present God, I give this fear/care to you. Thanks for taking it"

Give Thanks: "Thank you God for this moment, for your power is being made perfect in me"

Move attention:  "I WILLFULLY move my 'attention' mind faculty away from the fearful thinking, stories, and commentary, and back to the present moment: what I'm seeing, hearing, tasting, or touching, right here and now. How beautiful it is.

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